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Speech and Debate



Integrity. Inclusion. Service. Leadership.

Why Speech and Debate?

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Speech and Debate provides a community of friends—not only on each student’s team, but throughout the state, and throughout the national organization.


Research and Preparation

Through forensics, students learn research skills including news literacy in international and domestic affairs. Students that participate in forensics typically write well structured essays and learn to apply their skill sets to myriad parts of their academic and professional lives.

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The success that students find through their participation in Speech and Debate inspires a sense of confidence they can apply to every area of their lives, like college interviews, internships, and class presentations.

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Traveling to the National Tournament every year is an incredible opportunity for New Mexico’s brightest students. The National Tournament is a time to celebrate talent and to see America.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

“Speech and Debate gave me a voice. It changed my life for the better.”

Huzefa Saria, Class of 2019